Why you should call Mohawk Power Source LLC for a heavy equipment mechanic for repairs and on-site preventive maintenance services for forestry equipment, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and commercial truck repair in Licking County, Ohio?

Mohawk Power Source LLC

Heavy equipment symbolizes prosperity. They are the tools that get America moving. Harvesting timber and crops; building offices and factories; and moving goods around the country. The unsung heroes, though, are those who keep these machines in peak condition and working well. Given that these are hard-working implements, maintenance centers on when there is a malfunction, not if. For Licking County, OH residents, and those in surrounding areas, reliable servicing of heavy machinery is particularly essential. This is why Mohawk Power Source LLC is the servicer of choice for farmers, builders and trucking business operators. Repair and maintenance are where we excel.

Forestry Equipment

For all the advances in construction materials, wood is still the go-to medium for homes and furniture. Central Ohio, with its strong forest economy, is a major source point for wood, pulp and paper. Yet extracting these commodities takes the work of skidders, feller bunchers, mulchers, sawmills and harvesters — among many other machines — to make trees into useful products. These tools all have an almost infinite number of moving parts, each subject to wear, tear and breakage during the normal course of their productive lives. Mohawk Power Source LLC is no stranger to their problems — or solutions.

Agricultural Equipment

Most farmers admit that they feel like they spend more time trying to diagnose and fix equipment than they do planting, cultivating and harvesting a crop. The good news for Ohio growers is that Mohawk Power Source LLC retains enormous expertise in agricultural equipment. From planters to cultivators to combines to rakes and balers, we have seen almost every malfunction that afflicts farm machinery. So, Mohawk offer farmers prompt evaluation and repair so they can get back to their fields without losing too much daylight. Time is money is not just a saying.

Construction Equipment

Concrete mixers, pile drivers, front- and back-loaders, bulldozers, trenchers and pumping equipment are all designed to encounter resistance. They push, lift and haul; flatten, cut through and dig. Engineers design them to bear stress. Yet no machine is without limits. In other words, they eventually get worn and need some restoration. Mohawk has the parts and the professionals to take tired construction tools and return them ready for action. Whether erecting houses, factories or office buildings, builders want their equipment functioning at the highest level of performance. Mohawk assures this superior operation.

Commercial Trucks

Trucking is a time-sensitive business and Mohawk Power Source LLC is on a mission to minimize downtime due to the need for repairs. Servicing engines and alternators, hydraulics and axles, Mohawk boasts professional technicians with long experience in all makes and models of commercial haulers. These trucks are cross-country travelers and those that make numerous local trips. Employing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, this servicer is able to quickly assess and address any dysfunction that hinders a truck from keeping its demanding schedule.

Mohawk Power Source LLC occupies several counties in central Ohio so is proximate to most customers.