Contact Mohawk Power Source LLC for a Mobile Mechanic in Coshocton County, Ohio!

When it comes to preventive maintenance services for water pump equipment in Coshocton County, no one does it like Mohawk Power Source LLC. We specialize in Gorman Rupp water pumps, hydraulic oil refill and maintenance, and given that Gorman Rupp recently switched the oil used in its pumps that require SAE 30 weight non-detergent oil, the need for an expert in these matters is greater than ever.

The new oil is more refined than the previous variant, with Gorman Rupp tinting the fluid blue to make it more visible.

Beyond Gorman Rupp products, Mohawk Power Source LLC works on all major equipment from leading manufacturers and provides one of the most thorough checkups in the industry. The service technician can test flow, water level, pump motor performance, pressure tank/switch contact performance and general water quality. Each service comes with a basic report of the health and operation of a water pump system, in addition to any recommendations for action.

When a pump and motor reaches the end of its service life, an experienced and professional contractor is needed that boasts the knowledge and tools to remove and replace the unit quickly – and, above all, safely. Our expert staff can service pumps and motors of any size, while also being able to safely inspect and service the electrical components of pumps and related equipment. When it comes to transmission oil, we recommend changing the oil in the seal cavity and the bearing cavity annually.

Other mobile services Mohawk Power Source LLC mechanics can perform include performing shutoff head tests to check the internal conditions of the pump, adjusting impeller-to-wear plate clearances (if needed), adjusting belt tension on a bi-annual or annual basis, lubricating the pump’s air release valves, unclogging discharge check valves while ensuring they’re operating normally, greasing the electric motor per the operator manual and, of course, performing preventative maintenance, which will dramatically increase the life of the pump, reduce downtime and increase reliability.

The reason why Mohawk Power Source LLC is the trusted name in Coshocton County for pump maintenance is because we understand the basics: a thorough checklist that guides our technicians is crucial, as pump maintenance is essential to keeping pumps running smoothly while preventing them from breaking down. Indeed, modern pumps are essential pieces of hardware not only when dealing with water, but in the industrial and manufacturing sectors as well, allowing companies to move liquids and gases from one place to another – a process invaluable to operations.

Whether one type of pump or several of them is being used for a particular application, it’s essential to ensure a pump maintenance program is adequately designed and implemented to optimize the performance and longevity of all pumps. That’s where Mohawk Power Source LLC comes in, taking care of all pump maintenance needs while also offering hydraulic pump services, some of which involve changing fluid levels or upgrading the oil viscosity, depending on the level of use.